Leavitt Machinery Acquires Edmonton Company Crane Safety Ltd

Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Crane operating at night

Leavitt Machinery is proud to announce the acquisition of Edmonton-based training company Crane Safety Limited. This acquisition broadens Leavitt Machinery’s operator training division, strengthens their course offerings, and adds additional value to their sister company, Leavitt Cranes.

Since 1985, Crane Safety Ltd. Founder and President Bruce Larsen has prided himself on running a fully insured training facility where all instructors are certified journeyman status crane operators with a minimum of 30 years experience. This method of operation earned Crane Safety Ltd. a well-respected reputation, both nationally and internationally, and was what first caught Leavitt Machinery’s attention.

Leavitt Machinery has been steadily growing their training division for over 15 years and trains over 30,000 operators per year, in various disciplines. After learning that Larsen was open to new opportunities, Leavitt Machinery approached Crane Safety Ltd. and began talks regarding a potential acquisition. Both parties recognized the value of their combined knowledge, resources, and course offerings, and when asked about the acquisition, Larsen says:

“We were very pleasantly surprised and excited at Crane Safety Ltd. when Leavitt Machinery approached us to partner with them. I had watched their organization from a distance and was amazed at how professional they were and how far they had progressed in the operator training field in such a short amount of time.”

Leavitt Machinery’s Senior Vice President, John Mutis, sees the incorporation of Crane Safety Ltd. as an “asset to our continued investment in safety training and certification. We want to distinguish ourselves from other training facilities and one of the ways we are accomplishing this is by cultivating an experienced team of trainers.”

In the first weeks of July 2017, the Sherwood Park Crane Safety Ltd. training facility will be shut down and operations will be relocated to Leavitt Machinery’s Edmonton training school. As for the employees of Crane Safety, Leavitt Machinery is pleased to retain the original staff and to welcome them into their team of trainers. Taking a position as Manager of Crane Training at Leavitt Machinery, Bruce Larson is excited about this new opportunity and what it means for him and his team: “we are very much looking forward to a successful future with Leavitt Machinery and I sincerely believe all of our customers will benefit from our shared values and commitment to safety.”