What is COFI and Why You Need to Attend

Updated: Mar 30, 2016

Leavitt Machinery's booth at COFI

Whether you are actively involved in the forestry industry or looking to learn more about it, you should attend the 2016 COFI Convention on April 6th - 9th in Kelowna, BC. The convention features a number of thought-provoking panels and speakers discussing the issues that matter for BC’s forest industry.

Who is COFI?

The Council of Forest Industries (COFI) is the voice for the BC forest industry and works to create strong relationships between the community, forestry industry, and the government. COFI works with the government to ensure the BC forest industry remains competitive in global markets while also supporting environmental sustainability.

Council members include a large majority of the major lumber producers within BC working to secure and develop global markets. The council also employs quality control staff to provide lumber inspection, grading, and certification.

What’s more, COFI educates the future workforce in the forest industry through their Forest Education Program. This program gives users a strong understanding of the industry, resources, and the community involvement. This allows students to gain real world experience for careers in which they are interested.

What is the Annual Conference?

COFI’s Annual Conference is the largest gathering of the forest sector in Western Canada. CEOs, Vice Presidents, Senior Managers, and Representatives from various businesses and members of the forest industry will be in attendance. In a nutshell, anyone who has a vested interest in the future of BC’s forest industry will be at the convention, listening to speakers and sharing their knowledge on the outlook of the industry.

The convention promises to have something for everyone, from producers and manufacturers, to suppliers and prospective employees of the industry. There will be speakers discussing various topics on the forest industry as well as a trade with over 40 exhibitors from different backgrounds.

Where is it Held?

Every year, the annual convention is held in a different city/town throughout BC where forestry plays an integral role in that community. This year the convention will be held in Kelowna at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort and Conference Centre from April 6th – 9th. For more information on dates, tickets, and location please visit the website.

Why Should You Attend?

As I mentioned before, this event isn’t just for the big wigs of the forest industry. There are a multitude of opportunities to learn more about the future of forestry from experts sharing their experience and knowledge in various areas of the industry.

If you are interested in working in BC’s forest industry, there’s no better place to not only learn about forestry, but also meet the key people who keep the lights on at these businesses. Not only can they offer insight into the industry, but they can help you understand what it takes to start your career in forestry.

All said, this event is a must for anyone looking to advance their career or gain a better understanding of the future of forestry. I’ll be there along with my colleagues so make sure you stop by the Leavitt Machinery booth while you’re there!

For more information on COFI and the annual convention, visit their website.