• Deliver Anything, Anywhere

    May 24, 2016
    Manitou’s Truck Mounted Forklift (TMT) Series is a portable, rough terrain forklift that combines the best features of three very different machines. With the extended reach of a telehandler, the compact size of a forklift and the maneuverability of a sideloader, this machine enables you to deliver anything, anywhere.
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  • 3 Reasons Why Businesses are Considering Electric Pallet Jacks

    May 24, 2016
    Progressive companies are looking for innovative materials handling solutions that increase productivity and reduce operating costs. More and more, decision makers have started to consider electric pallet jacks, like the Jungheinrich EJE120 for their reliability, versatility and reduced operating costs.
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  • Knox Mountain Hill Climb

    May 02, 2016
    The longest annual paved hillclimb in North America, the Knox Mountain Hill Climb has been attracting top drivers looking for a high speed challenge. For over 50 years drivers have navigated the 2.2 miles/3.5 km long run on Knox Mountain Park Road in Kelowna, BC.
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  • Heavy Metal Rocks Project

    Apr 25, 2016
    Leavitt Machinery participated in the School District No. 73 Heavy Metal Rocks Project in Kamloops on April 13th-16th. This program helps students explore the wide variety of career choices available in the construction and heavy equipment operating sector.
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  • 3 Ways Electric Forklifts are Changing the Industry

    Apr 18, 2016
    As the cost of fossil fuels and carbon taxes rise, forklift manufacturers are aggressively looking for ways to reduce emissions while customers continue to work to reduce their carbon foot print. The answer came in the form of high capacity electric forklifts with pneumatic chassis that could weather continued exposure to the elements.
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  • What is COFI and Why You Need to Attend

    Mar 29, 2016
    Whether you are actively involved in the forestry industry or looking to learn more about it, you should attend the 2016 COFI Convention on April 6th - 9th in Kelowna, BC. The convention features a number of thought-provoking panels and speakers discussing the issues that matter for BC’s forest industry. Learn more...
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  • 3 Reasons Why Every Farmer Should Own a Telehandler

    Mar 09, 2016
    These days, most of us find ourselves at some point searching for different ways to complete a task that could potentially be done in a faster, more productive manner. You might be thinking “why fix something that isn’t broke?” and I don’t blame you for thinking that way. That being said, Steve Jobs didn’t re-create the cell phone by not challenging something that “wasn’t broke”. We are constantly searching for ways to be more productive and complete tasks quicker whether it’s in our day-to-day tasks or even a task at work.
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  • Choosing your Sweeper or Scrubber

    Feb 11, 2016
    Now that you have identified whether your facility needs to sweep, scrub or sweep and scrub, the next step is to determine the size and mode of equipment you need – the sweep path width and whether you need a walk-behind or ride-on machine. Read more...
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  • What is Your Turn Out Strategy?

    Jan 05, 2016
    Mobile equipment plays an integral role in the efficiency of your operation by contributing to your overall productivity. The right equipment will enhance your efficiency and offer a certain Value Per Hour (VPH) which in turn will improve your bottom line. But even the right equipment has an opportune life cycle which is why having a proper turnout strategy is so critical. Read more...
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  • Sweep or Scrub Basics

    Dec 08, 2015
    There are numerous reasons for sweeping or scrubbing floors in a plant or warehouse – increased productivity, worker safety, and product contamination. Not to mention protecting the floor surface and maintaining a quality image. Read more....
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  • The 4 Methods of Equipment Acquisition

    Nov 23, 2015
    The end of the year is approaching quickly and you may be in the midst of planning your budget for 2016. If you’re looking at purchasing new equipment, you’re probably wondering about how you should acquire it. Many factors play into this decision and it can be taxing trying to decide which method is best for your particular position. Read more...
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  • 5 Tips for Operating Equipment in Cold Weather

    Nov 13, 2015
    Winter is a cruel mistress whose cold shoulder can wreak havoc on your equipment if the necessary precautions are not taken. Fortunately, there are many starting and operating aids to help warm the cold soul of Mother Nature. These aids for starting include block heaters, battery blankets, hydraulic tank heaters, and oil pan heaters. While the use of these aids will help, they are not enough to prevent breakdowns in the harsh northern winters. Read More...
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  • Why You Should be Considering Electric Forklifts

    Nov 06, 2015
    Let’s face it, these days vehicle technology is changing and improving so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with all of the advances. It wasn’t long ago we were using nickel cadmium batteries in cell phones and power tools, worrying the whole time about leaving an imprint on the battery and reducing the usable charge. Now, we have electric cars that can travel over 420km on a single charge with the ability to replenish the battery to 80% in as little as 30 minutes! The technological advancements in zero emission automobiles far surpasses that of the internal combustion counterpart and we’ve only just scratched the surface. Read more....
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  • Buying a Forklift: 8 Questions to Answer BEFORE Calling the Dealer

    Oct 20, 2015
    So, the time has come. You’ve decided now is the time to add a new machine to your fleet and replace that old relic, which seems to be in the shop more than its moving material. Now, you’re faced with some difficult questions. How do you know what to look for? Which options you need? Or better yet, what chassis type is required? The next thing you know you’re talking to a dealer, frustrated because you don’t know which type of machine is best suited for YOUR operation. Lucky for you, I’ve outlined the top 8 questions to answer BEFORE you start looking for a new machine, so you can walk into the dealer feeling like a pro. Read more....
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  • Introducing Pettibone

    Feb 04, 2015
    Leavitt Machinery is proud to introduce the latest in our line of industry leading equipment manufacturers. Recently featured on Manufacturing Marvels, Pettibone equipment is known across the globe for their industry leading designs and heavy duty capabilities. Read more...
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  • Hyundai’s 160D-7E Diesel Forklift brings muscle to demanding operations

    Jan 05, 2015
    Hyundai’s 160D-7E diesel forklift incorporates power and efficiency with durability and safety, a necessary combination for completing any job. One of 24 models in Hyundai’s high-performance, fuel efficient, diesel forklift product line, the 160D-7E is capable of handling even the toughest applications in the container handling, timber, lumber, concrete and steel industries. Read more...
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  • A New Approach To Forklift Certification

    Nov 18, 2014
    It’s not surprising to learn that OSHA statistics indicate there are roughly 34,900 serious injuries each year involving forklifts. Like operating a car or truck, a forklift can be a powerful tool or a dangerous weapon and it all comes down to the operator. Read more...
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  • We Will Remember

    Nov 11, 2014
    They are our grandfathers, brothers, mothers and sisters, neighbours ... heroes. Canada's Veterans - their courage, service and sacrifices have kept us strong, proud and free. Read more...
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  • The 9th Annual Bridging the Gap Conference

    Nov 04, 2014
    We are gearing up once again to attend the 9th annual Bridging the Gap Construction Safety Conference on November 14th and 15th. Held at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond, BC, this two day conference offers informational sessions on a wide variety of safety topics in the construction industry. Read more...
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  • Leavitt Employee is First Overall in 2014 NLL EntryDraft

    Oct 28, 2014
    We are proud to announce that Ben McIntosh, a Leavitt Machinery employee from Edmonton, Alberta was the first overall pick in the 2014 National Lacrosse League Entry Draft in September of this year. Read more...
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