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Warehouse Equipment

The best solutions for your warehouse forklift can always be found in the details of your operations. Leavitt Machinery works hard to understand your application so that we can provide you with the most efficient financial and operational solutions. At the same time, our solutions promote a safer work environment with the introduction of green materials handling solutions such as an electric forklift or order picker.

With 20 different product lines, Leavitt Machinery has the unique ability to source more effective solutions for your warehouse forklift needs without bias towards any one particular brand. Whether you require machines that can easily navigate very narrow aisle racking, cross dock freight, cold storage applications or simple pallet jacks for product movement, we have industry leading options to support any need.

Jungheinrich Warehouse Equipment

As the world’s largest single branded line of industrial and warehouse forklift solutions, Jungheinrich has paved the way in product innovation. Demonstrating an exceptional ability for engineering machinery with a focus on operating efficiency excellence, Jungheinrich introduced AC motor products to the electric forklift market 10 years prior to most other manufacturers. With the only pneumatic tire reach truck on the market, this industry leader provides narrow aisle operation while also allowing for freight loading and all weather, outdoor operation.

Their very narrow aisle, man-up and man-down turret mast forklifts; pantograph reach trucks; moving mast reach trucks; pneumatic tire, all weather reach trucks; multi-directional, side loading reach trucks and sit-down or stand-up counterbalanced electric forklift options; ensures Jungheinrich has the right forklift for your needs regardless of the size of your warehouse.

Aisle Master

For applications requiring additional flexibility that other narrow aisle forklifts are unable to provide, consider an articulating front axle/mast warehouse forklift from Aisle Master. These counterbalance forklifts utilize an articulating front axle that eliminates the need to make right angle turns to face the racking. Aisle Master warehouse forklifts increase space efficiency by 30 to 40% over standard reach trucks while providing the ability for freight loading and outdoor/all weather operation.

Significantly reduce fleet sizes with a versatile electric forklift by eliminating the need for different trucks for operating within rack aisles and freight loading or outdoor use. These units are available with up to 4,400 lbs lift capacity in both propane and electric forklift options.

Mariotti Warehouse Forklifts

The only company on the market that offers more than 20 different compact electric forklift models for any and all warehouse applications; Mariotti has been providing over 40 countries with affordable warehouse forklift solutions for over 90 years. Incorporating state of the art engineering, quality and simplicity, they have created a full line of cost effective electric forklift options that enable you to focus on what matters most, building your business.

With CAN-bus technology which allows for a digital data exchange, Mariotti has reduced the number of cables needed to power your electric forklift, increasing system reliability and simplifying the electrical system. Add in a Quick Change Mast or QCM which allows for quick removal and easier maintenance, with an adjustable wheel base enabling you reduce the turn radius or increase traction and stability, and it’s easy to see why this warehouse forklift has become so well known.

Advance Sweepers and Scrubbers

As an industry leader for industrial cleaning equipment, Advance takes pride in their easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain floor scrubbers and sweepers. Rugged in design these industrial sweepers, scrubbers and sweeper-scrubber machines enable you to spend more time cleaning, and less time maintaining your machines.

Multisweep Floor Sweeper And Scrubbers

MultiSweep offers a full line of adaptable floor sweeper and scrubber attachments that work with your existing equipment or on their own with independent gas or diesel power packs. These compact units are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications where you require powerful scrubbers, sweepers or combination sweeper-scrubbers.


Specializing in high capacity electric forklifts, Carer offers 57 electric forklift models designed to meet the needs of warehouses and other applications. A more economical alternative to traditional internal combustion engine forklifts, Carer electric forklifts provide customers with lower overall running costs and greater energy efficiency while eliminating harmful emissions and reducing vibration and noise.

Speak with a representative today to learn more about the cost savings when you opt for a Carer electric forklift truck.


One of the most recognized industrial and warehouse forklift manufacturer’s world wide, Caterpillar Lift Trucks has a reputation for exceptional product support. CAT equipment lives up to this reputation with extraordinary customer service and aftermarket support.

Their sit-down counterbalance electric forklift is known industry wide for its supreme chassis design that remains an operator preference, the lowest cost per hour operation and all weather operation with applicable cabin options. With maintenance free fully enclosed AC motors, maintenance free fully enclosed wet disc brakes, long lift solid pneumatic tires, and preventative maintenance frequency up to 1,000 hours; it is easy to see how CAT lift trucks has become a leader in warehouse forklift solutions.


It can be argued that 90% of your warehouse forklift is steel, and as one of the largest ship builders in the world Hyundai has greater access to ship grade steel than any other manufacturer. This enables them to build a quality forklift at a far lower cost than other companies. In turn Hyundai offers their customers added options for performance, operator comfort and safety at no additional cost. 

Representing Hyundai Lift Trucks allows Leavitt Machinery to provide leading counterbalance electric forklift solutions for all warehouse applications. Speak with a warehouse forklift specialist today to find the right forklift for your needs.


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