Fleet Management

  • Do you know how much you are spending to maintain your fleet of mobile equipment?
  • Do you know how much down time has affected your productivity?
  • Has operator error or damages become a challenge for your facility?
It is estimated that only 15-20% of the total operation costs of a lift truck is tied to the initial purchase of the machine, leaving the remaining 80-85% attributed to maintenance, downtime, crisis management, damages/misuse and fuel costs.

Leavitt Machinery’s Forklift Fleet Management programs assist your business in making educated, strategic and economically responsible decisions regarding your mobile fleet. 

Through One Of Our Highly Trained & Experienced Regional Fleet Managers, We Will Assess:

  • The current overall cost of operation
  • The cost of maintenance versus cost of replacing
  • Whether to retire, replace, retain or relocate your current fleet equipment
  • The right machines needed for your unique application

Providing You With:

  • A Forklift Fleet Management Strategy
  • Operator Training and Safety Solutions through our training department
  • Advice on how to improve efficiency through equipment usage
  • Maintenance Plans to help reduce costs and maximize up-time
  • Fixed costs for easy planning and ‘no-surprise’ expenses
  • Customer specific programs such as ‘shut down’ to reduce costs during extended periods of non- production

Additional Services Include:

  • Cost Control
  • Data Management
  • Ease of Ownership services
  • Forklift Fleet Management cost and Utilization Reporting

Leavitt Machinery Strives To Provide All Of Our Customers With An Unbiased Perspective What Will Work Best For Their Needs.

Contact us today for your free onsite assessment and find out how Leavitt can help to increase productivity and reduce your operating costs through our Fleet Management programs.