Taylor Forklifts For Sale

Taylor Machine Works is a family owned and family run business that has always prided themselves on quality and creativity. Founded in 1927 Taylor began with a simple design concept that is still prevalent in their products today, offering the best in product support, performance, safety and efficiency. Taylor Forklifts have proven to be the lowest cost per hour operating forklift in its class while also remaining the highest in market resale values. Focusing on high capacity models, Taylor offers products capable of lifting 16,000 lbs all the way up to 106,000 lbs in the unique telescopic design of container handlers for use in inter-modal yards.

Pneumatic Taylor Forklifts:

The most extensive range of Taylor Forklifts are the pneumatic tired straight mast units offering nearly 40 different models in capacities ranging from 16,000 lbs to 92,500 lbs. Within these models you will also find load center families including 24", 36" and 48" load centers. All series have varying lift heights and extensive options depending on application needs. Nearly all models (up to 70,000 lbs) include the Taylor Forklifts designed overhead tilt cylinders, providing customers with increased low retention and unsurpassed stability and safety.

Semi Rough Terrain and 4 WD Taylor Forklifts:

Unique to the capacity ranges offered, Taylor is one of the only manufacturers to offer high capacity, rugged rough terrain models. For applications requiring just a little more traction and clearance to manage slightly rougher, unpaved terrains; Taylor Forklifts offers the Big Wheel (TB) Series which is a conventional (dual tired) chassis design that is slightly modified to accommodate single large, rough terrain, industrial tires. For even rougher terrain where 2 wheel drives will just not cut it, Taylor has designed the TX4 Series which is a 4 wheel drive articulating chassis concept. The TX4 series offers capacities from 25,000 lbs to 36,000 lbs, all at a 24" load center. With full capacity available at full articulation and mast to 18', the TX4 series offers the largest capacities on an articulating chassis available in the industry from factory.

Cushion Tire Taylor Forklifts:

Found most commonly in indoor manufacturing applications, Taylor Forklifts offer some of the highest capacity and most compact cushion tired chassis designs in the industry. With 18,000 lbs to 40,000 lbs capacities at 24" load centers and the unique 50,000 lbs at 30" load center chassis, specifically designed for Coil Handling, Taylor Forklifts has a model and wheelbase to accommodate all indoor high capacity applications.

Taylor Container Handlers:

In the industry of intermodal operations, Taylor Container Handlers have become the most dominant name in the North American market offering (8) models of Empty Container Handlers and (10) models of Loaded Container handlers, with options ranging from 90,000 lbs to 97,000 lbs capacities, capable of lifting 4 to 6 containers high. In 24 hour operations, Taylor container handlers are commonly known as the lowest cost per hour to operate and the most serviceable design in the industry. In an effort to conserve space, some intermodal yards are designed to allow for multiple rows of container storage.

Taylor Reach Stackers:

With their TS-9972 Reach Stackers, Taylor Machine Works sets a new standard in the container handling. With all the durability and dependability you expect from Taylor, the TS-9972 is the most durable, comfortable and user friendly reach stacker in the industry. Specifically designed for intermodal yards and rail terminals, the TS-1068 is built on an all welded high-strength steel frame. Their hinged doors and easy access covers provide convenient access to all service points.

Taylor Log Stacking:

The Taylor Log Stacker Series (TLS Series) are used extensively throughout the North American timber industry. Known for their rugged dependability, Taylor offers three models to choose from; each capable of handling full log loads from truck or rail in a single pass. All models are built on an all welded, high-strength, steel chassis and frame with an ergonomically designed operator station mounted in an offset position to provide better visibility over center mounted models. Ranging in capacities from 80,000 lbs to 100,000 lbs, Taylor Log Stackers have your lumber mill needs covered.

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