Heavy Equipment Operator Training Calgary

Please note: All heavy equipment training in Calgary is only available as private onsite training. Participants must provide the equipment they wish to receive training for.

Operator taking excavator training in CalgaryIn need of heavy equipment operator training in Calgary? Look no further than Leavitt Machinery. We’re proud to offer private onsite wheel loader training, excavator training, bulldozer training, backhoe training, and skid steer training. Our experienced trainers travel to your site to deliver training with your equipment. This allows you to learn safe and efficient operating practices on the equipment you’ll be using every day. Our onsite heavy equipment operator training in Calgary can be customized to your unique requirements. This ensures that you’re getting a training solution that suits your needs, schedule, and budget. Contact our team today to learn more about our heavy equipment operator training in Calgary!

Types of Heavy Equipment Training in Calgary

Worker operating a wheel loader as parts of their trainingWheel Loader Training
Wheel loaders are widely utilized on a variety of job sites and applications ranging from construction to agriculture. Their power and size make them a versatile tool, but also a hazard if operators are not properly trained. That’s why we offer onsite wheel loader training in Calgary! This course instructs operators in the best safety and performance practices for wheel loaders.

Operator taking practical training in an excavatorExcavator Training
Leavitt Machinery is proud to offer comprehensive excavator training in Calgary. Excavators are a popular choice for earth-moving operations and heavy digging requirements. Correct operating practices are crucial to maintaining safety for the user and surrounding personnel. By choosing our excavator training, users are given the tools they need for consistently safe operation.

Operator take a bulldozer training courseBulldozer Training
If you’re looking for bulldozer training in Calgary, Leavitt Machinery has you covered. Our experienced instructors can travel to your site to deliver comprehensive training on your bulldozer. This allows you to learn the best performance and safety practices on a piece of familiar equipment. To learn more about our bulldozer course, reach out to our training team today!

Backhoe training demonstrationBackhoe Training
Backhoes are a versatile piece of equipment that can be found on a variety of job sites. Their combination of wheel loader and excavator technology allows them to perform multiple jobs with ease. This combination can also make backhoes more complex to operate. That’s why we offer onsite backhoe training in Calgary to ensure users understand proper operating methods.

Operator training inside of a skid steer loaderSkid Steer Loader Training
Skid steer loaders can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from construction to agriculture. Though they’re often smaller than other heavy equipment, they are every bit as dangerous if operated by an untrained user. By choosing our skid steer loader training in Calgary, users are instructed in efficient and safe operating practices. This increases safety while reducing wear on the machine.

Related Online Courses

In addition to onsite heavy equipment operator training in Calgary, we offer several online courses for earth-moving operations.

Excavation Safety TrainingGround Disturbance
This online Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) course is designed for workers that will perform any form of ground disturbance. It outlines potential hazards, how to avoid them, and all relevant laws around ground disturbance.

Worker wearing personal protective equipment on a training sitePersonal Protective Equipment
A course designed to instruct employees and managers on how to choose, use, and maintain required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). This online training is ideal for nearly any work environment.

Operator taking the ground disturbance training course in an excavatorExcavation Safety
Operators and other personnel must understand the OSHA standards related to excavation and trenching. This online course outlines these standards and discusses the requirements of 29 CFR 1926.21.

For more information on our onsite heavy equipment operator training in Calgary, contact our team or visit our Calgary branch located at 55 Technology Way, Calgary, AB T3S 0B3.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training FAQ’s

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