Rough Terrain Forklift Training

Operator training with a rough terrain forkliftRough terrain forklifts are perfect for operations that need to transport heavy loads over difficult terrain. This can include mud, hills, slopes, or unevenly distributed gravel. Though similar to a conventional forklift, there are many key differences in operation and functionality. That’s why Leavitt Machinery offers a rough terrain forklift training program. This course provides participants with a thorough understanding of safety standards, maintenance procedures, and safe operating techniques.

Our rough terrain forklift certification course consists of classroom theory, a written test, and practical hands-on experience. The course content is delivered through multimedia presentations, class discussions, and demonstrations. This combination ensures that participants have the knowledge and confidence they need for safe and effective operation. For more information on this rough terrain forklift training program, contact our team!

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Operator in a rough terrain forklift training class

Rough Terrain Forklift Certification

  • Safety regulations and standards.
  • Lift truck fundamentals.
  • Principles of balance, stability, and capacity.
  • Preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Pre-trip inspections.
  • General rules of the road.
  • Job safety analysis.
  • Safe load handling techniques.
  • Proper start-up and shutdown procedures.
  • Steering and control guidelines.
  • Refueling gasoline, diesel, and LPG lift trucks.
  • Charging and changing industrial batteries on electric trucks.
  • Designations for powered industrial trucks.

Duration: This rough terrain forklift certification course can be completed in less than a day. Extended course formats and extra seats are available for novice operators if required.

Re-Certification: If you’ve already completed our rough terrain forklift training in the past, ask about our re-certification availability and pricing!

In-House Instructor Training: Does your operation have a large number of personnel in need of rough terrain forklift certification? Our in-house instructor program may be right for you! This option allows you to send one member of your team to become a certified trainer for your entire operation. As a result, you’re able to save time and money without sacrificing knowledge or safety.

LNG Project Site-Approved Training

Leavitt Machinery is a JFJV-approved training provider for the LNG pipeline project in Kitimat, British Columbia. Our rough-terrain forklift training adheres to the standards outlined by the  LNG project regulations. Participants are instructed according to the highest safety standards and current best practices for equipment operation. Operators can enroll in our LNG-approved course at any of our 20+ training locations throughout North America. Contact our team today to learn more about our training solutions!

The LNG project is the largest private investment project in Canadian history. It is estimated that approximately 4,500-7,000 employees will take part in the construction of this project. Construction is currently underway and expected to be complete in 2025. The purpose of the project is to create Canada’s first LNG (liquid natural gas) refinement and export facility. Major components of the project include the main LNG facility, LG storage buildings, port terminals, and the cryogenic LNG pipeline.