Forklift Training in Calgary

Operator taking the forklift practical assessment in CalgaryLeavitt Machinery is your destination for forklift training in Calgary! Whether you’re looking for online forklift training, onsite forklift classes, or in-class forklift certification, we can help. Our Calgary forklift training programs adhere to all relevant CSA safety and performance standards. This ensures that participants are instructed in safe and efficient operating practices that apply to any work environment. Whether you’re working in construction, warehousing, or oil and gas, our forklift training in Calgary is a perfect choice. Not sure which forklift certification course is the best fit for your needs? Contact our training team for assistance! We’ll work with you to deliver the perfect forklift training in Calgary for your needs, schedule, and budget.

Our in-class Calgary forklift training consists of classroom learning, written testing, and hands-on practical experience. This gives participants a full understanding of safe operating practices and theory. Our online forklift training course consists of the theory portion of the in-class program. An additional in-person assessment may be required for full forklift certification in Calgary. See below for a full list of topics covered and additional details for each forklift training course we offer.

Course Topics for Forklift Training in Calgary

In-Class Forklift Training

  • Current safety standards and regulations.
  • Fundamentals of lift truck operation.
  • The principles of stability, balance, and capacity.
  • Preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Pre-operation walk-around inspections.
  • Rules of the road.
  • Site safety analysis and hazard awareness.
  • Safe material handling procedures.
  • Proper start-up and shutdown procedures.
  • Controls and steering.
  • Safe fueling procedures for gasoline, LPG, and diesel lift trucks.
  • Proper charging/changing procedures for industrial batteries on electric units.
  • Designations for powered industrial lift trucks.

Additional Details: Our in-class forklift training in Calgary is approximately 8 hours in length. This duration will vary based on class size, weather conditions, and other factors. An extended course format is available for novice operators. This course takes place at our Calgary branch located at 55 Technology Way, Calgary, AB T3S 0B3.

Online Forklift Training

  • How to reduce risks to people, products, and property.
  • The fundamentals of lift trucks including components and their functions.
  • The principles of balance, capacity, and stability.
  • Pre-operational inspection procedures and why they’re important.
  • Safe entry, exit, and operating procedures.
  • Operating lift trucks around pedestrians.
  • Procedures for safely parking a lift truck.
  • Safe methods for picking up, moving, and deploying loads.
  • Procedures for surviving incidents.
  • Safe procedures for fueling gasoline and LPG-powered forklifts.
  • How to safely replace LPG tanks.
  • Safe procedures for charging, changing, and adding water to industrial batteries.

Additional Details: This online forklift certification course takes approximately 2 hours to complete. As an online course, it can be started, paused, and resumed as needed. This allows for flexibility that fits any schedule and learning style. The content of this course has been designed using standards that allow for playback on all Android, Apple, and Windows devices.


In addition to our online and in-class forklift training in Calgary, we offer options for recertification. This is ideal for operators with previous training experience or those that have completed a Leavitt Machinery course before. For more information on our recertification options, contact our team today!

Forklift Training Questions and Answers

Regardless of training requirements, all personnel should be properly trained in the best safety practices for working at heights. This will minimize the risk of injury and other safety incidents.