Buy Forklift Training MaterialsIn House Instructor Training Materials:

Leavitt Machinery provides quality training materials to assist In House Instructors in their delivery of our operator training courses. These training materials are not meant to replace our operator training courses but to assist trainers in enhancing their delivery of approved programs.

Purchase your instructor training materials through our operator training department. If you're a Leavitt authorized trainer, you can take advantage of a 20% discount on all our training supplies! When ordering your package, don't forget to buy Certificates of Completion and Wallet Cards. Feel free to purchase from our selection of instructor training material value packs, or you can create your own custom value pack.

Aerial Work Platform Training Materials

 Aerial Platform Training Materials
 Leavitt Machinery Aerial Platform - DVD
 Aerial Platform - Ultra Boom DVD
 Aerial Platform Wallet Cards (50)
 Aerial Platform Instructors Resources
 Aerial Platform PowerPoint Presentation
 Aerial Platform Supplementary Handout (25)
 Aerial Platform Work Book (25)
 Aerial Platform Scale Model

Counterbalanced Forklift Training Material

Buy Forklift Training Materials
 Counterbalance Forklift DVD
 Counterbalance Forklift PowerPoint
 Counterbalance Forklift Instructors Guide
 Counterbalance Forklift Instructors Resources
 Counterbalance Forklift Supplementary Handouts (25)
 Counterbalance Forklift Workbooks (25)
 Counterbalance Forklift Scale Model
 ICE Forklift Log Book

Narrow Aisle Forklift Training Material

   Narrow Aisle Forklift DVD
 Narrow Aisle Training Material  Narrow Aisle Forklift PowerPoint
 Narrow Aisle Forklift Instructors Guide
 Narrow Aisle Forklift Instructors Resources
  Narrow Aisle Forklift Supplementary Handouts (25)
 Narrow Aisle Forklift Workbooks (25)
 Electric Forklift Log Book

Miscellaneous Forklift Training Materials

 Container Handler Materials  Combilift Forklift DVD
 Combilift Forklift Workbooks (25)
 Aisle Master Forklift Supplementary Handouts (25)
 Aisle Master Forklift Workbooks (25)
 Container Handler Workbooks (25)

Telehandler/Rough Terrain Forklift Training Material

 Telehandler Training Materials  Telehandler/Rough Terrain Forklift DVD
 Telehandler/Rough Terrain Forklift PowerPoint
 Telehandler/Rough Terrain Forklift Instructor Guide
 Telehandler/Rough Terrain Forklift Instructor Resources
 Telehandler/Rough Terrain Forklift Supplementary Handouts (25)
 Telehandler/Rough Terrain Forklift Workbooks (25)
 Telehandler/Rough Terrain Forklift Scale Model

Skid Steer Training Material

 Skid steer Training Materials  Skid Steer DVD
 Skid Steer PowerPoint
  Skid Steer Instructor Guide
 Skid Steer Instructor Resources
 Skid Steer Supplementary Handouts (25)
 Skid Steer Workbooks (25)
 Skid Steer Scale Model
 Earth Moving Equipment Log Book

Excavator Training Materials

 Excavator Training Materials  Excavator DVD
 Excavator PowerPoint
 Excavator Instructor Guide
Excavator Supplementary Handouts (25)
 Excavator Workbooks (25)
 Earth Moving Equipment Log Book

Wheel Loader Training Materials

 Wheel Loader Training Material  Wheel Loader DVD
 Wheel Loader PowerPoint
 Wheel Loader Instructor Guide
 Wheel Loader Instructor Resources
 Wheel Loader Supplementary Handouts (25)
 Wheel Loader Work Books (25)
 Earth Moving Equipment Logbook