Agriculture and Warehousing Safety Courses

Working in an agricultural or warehousing environment means working in tight spaces with specialized machines and attachments. Having properly trained personnel means they can work safely and make proper use of that specialized equipment. Luckily, Leavitt Machinery offers a large selection of online training courses for the agriculture and warehousing industries. All of our online courses can be take on your phone or computer. To minimize as much downtime as possible, our online courses can be started, stopped, or paused at any time.

Leavitt Machinery has been providing in class and online courses for over 15 years. Our goal is to ensure you have the training you need at your fingertips, to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Below you will find a list of courses that pertain to agriculture and warehousing. While we offer hundreds of courses, we have identified the most common courses for your convenience.

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Free Course(s)

Working in Confined Spaces on the Farm

This training program will enable participants to identify a confined space; understand the functions of equipment related to confined entry work; conduct a risk assessment; and develop safe entry procedures, thereby protecting themselves, their families and workers while meeting any regulatory requirements that may apply.

Agricultural Machinery Safeguarding

The training program for safeguarding agricultural machinery for protecting the health and safety of agricultural workers includes elements that will guide farm owners, managers and their workers on understanding the importance and design of machine guarding.

Master Driver: Rural Driving

This online course helps your drivers prevent accidents and stay safe on the road.

Back Safety Basics

This course will explores how the back operates and the basics of proper lifting techniques.

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Health and Safety Orientation

This training program will enable those farm owners and managers to train seasonal workers in understanding the basic principles of agricultural health and safety, how to recognize workplace hazards, and the importance and utilization of hazard control systems.

CASA Tractor and Farm Machinery

In this course we will discuss Tractor Safety on your farm and provide some awareness training to help ensure that tractor operators understand the basic fundamentals of equipment operation in a safe manner.

Warehouse Safety - Global

You do not think of warehouses as dangerous places, but materials, equipment and vehicles can be harmful if you do not practice safe work procedures, monitor your surroundings and correct unsafe conditions. This training will help you create a safe warehouse environment. Ideal learners are employees and supervisors who work in or visit warehouses.

Forklift Training: Specialized Units and Attachments

In today's world manufacturing and warehouse facilities are maximizing space and development new ways to move materials. The units that operate in those facilities are specialized for the specific work, and you'll need to know how to operate them safely. This isn't just good practice, it's part of the OSHA standard that you be trained on and authorized to use different types of units and any attachments you'll be operating. This is an introduction to specialized units and attachments.

Industrial Ergonomics

This online course focuses on how to recognize ergonomic problems and their potential adverse effects in manufacturing, assembly, and warehouse situations, and offers solutions employees can use to address these problems.

Stand Up Forklift - Operator Safety

This online Stand-Up Forklifts course covers the anatomy, operation, inspection, and hazards of powered industrial trucks, also known as fork trucks, lift forks, or forklifts.

Pallet Jack Training

A Canada-Compliant Training Class Online for pallet jacks (manual and electric). I-CAB Recognized. This course satisfies Canada's requirements for the classroom portion of operator safety training. Quiz questions along the way prepare you for the final written exam. An OSHA equivalent available for courses in the USA.

Forklift Training: Non-Operator Safety

Modern commerce wouldn't be the same without the forklift. Forklifts and their operators are performing work no single person can manage alone. Within moments an operator can easily pick an entire pallet off a high shelf, lower it, and transfer those materials quickly to another spot. Operators face many challengers, though. You should be aware of those challenges and know how to stat safe near them.

Effective Use of PPE

There are a lot of parts to your body, and we’re willing to bet that you’re attached to pretty much all of them. Which means you probably don’t want any of them to get squished, crushed, broken, or misplaced. Stubbing your toe hurts plenty, and that’s about the limit of what we’d like you to experience. That’s why we created the Effective use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) safety series, a fun (yes, fun) training course designed to show you how to protect all your favorite parts of you. Not interested in digging splinters out of your eyeballs? We can help make sure you never have to. Prefer your brains to stay inside your head? We’ve got that one taken care of, too.

Forklift Training (Counterbalanced)

With thousands of lift truck related injuries and fatalities occurring each year, this online Counterbalanced Forklifts course aims to reduce the risks related to sit-down, vertical mast forklifts by teaching you how to become a safe lift truck operator.

Sit-Down Forklift Pre-Shift Inspection

This micro-learning module is part of the Mobile Equipment Pre-Shift Inspection Series. This short course covers the basics of pre-shift inspections for counterbalanced forklifts. Great for refreshers or toolbox talks/tailgate meetings!

Leadership Fundamentals

This online course teaches how to identify key characteristics of leaders, build trust and confidence with employees, and avoid behaviours that undermine leadership.

Effective Communication for Supervisors

This online Effective Communication for Supervisors course helps supervisors build strong communication skills and promote development of these skills among their employees.

Leadership in Safety

This Leaders in Safety online course is designed to help municipal supervisors understand their role in supporting their health and safety management system. It includes modules on Supervisor’s Role; Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Control; Formal Workplace Inspections; and Accident/Incident Investigation.

Integrated Systems - Achieving Organizational Excellence

How can you integrate compliance, risk management, leadership and culture systems to make your workplace safe? Take this course to find out how and what benefits you will see as a result! Ideal learners include managers, supervisors, safety committee members.

Goal Setting

This online Goal Setting course explains the importance of goal setting to personal success, identifies common challenges faced on the road to achievement, and provides step-by-step strategies for realizing one's personal and professional goals.

Time Management

Time Management is the ability to be highly effective with your time. This course was developed for people who want to improve their productivity and effectiveness. It contains valuable strategies you can implement to improve your ability to manage your time more effectively. This course will show you how to identify and focus on activities that will provide you with a better return on your time invested.

Dealing with Difficult Conversations

This course will give you tools and strategies to manage difficult conversations so that they are productive and effective instead of frustrating.

Trending and Analysis

You cannot continuously improve unless you constantly evaluate your performance. The best way to improve safety is to follow through on your plans and then analyze the results to see if there is room for improvement. Take this course to learn about the data you should analyze, what it can tell you and how you can follow up. Ideal learners: managers, supervisors, safety committee members.

Preventing Workplace Discrimination for Managers and Supervisors

This online Preventing Workplace Discrimination for Managers and Supervisors course discusses different types of discriminatory behavior, the laws and policies that have been established to fight it, and what managers and supervisors can do prevent it in their department.

Supervisor Skills

Every job has its own challenges. As a supervisor, you have the challenge of managing people, and this sets you apart from your employees. So, your toughest challenges are likely those related to your employees.

Team Building for Supervisors

This online course helps supervisors better facilitate teamwork among employees to improve communication, cooperation and productivity.

Continuously Improve for Safety Excellence

No matter how safe an organisation is or how high-quality its service and products are, there is always room for improvement. Take this training to learn more about the concept of continuous improvement. Ideal learners: managers, supervisors, safety committee members.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

No one likes to be told they are doing something the wrong way. But there are ways you can both give and receive feedback that will make such conversations productive instead of emotional. Take this course to learn best practices for giving and receiving feedback effectively. Ideal learners: managers, supervisors, safety committee members.

Fatigue Management

This Fatigue Management Online course is designed to help you understand the health and safety impacts of fatigue as well as employer and worker responsibilities in terms of identifying and managing fatigue.

Mental Health Prevention and Psychological Safety

This online Mental Health Prevention and Psychological Safety Training course is designed to teach individuals strategies that are proven to decrease stress, increase resiliency, and prevent mental illness. Psychological safety is linked to physical safety and is a top priority in our world today. The THINK’n program uses a variety of different teaching methods such as animations, live videos, audio, worksheets, and interactive exercises to ensure all learners can benefit from the course.

Safety Knowledge Evaluation

This online Safety Knowledge Evaluation is a 10-part exam designed to evaluate individual knowledge in 10 critical areas of safety. The Safety Knowledge Evaluation can be used for individuals or entire organizations to help pinpoint specific training needs. Upon completion of this evaluation, you will be provided a summary report of your results by chapter, identifying areas of particular strength and uncovering areas in need of improvement. If necessary, additional training may be recommended.