Terminal Tractors

Leavitt Machinery is proud to support quality brands and when it comes to terminal tractors, TICO is synonymous with quality. Before entering the market in 2008, TICO manufactured over 1,200 terminal tractors for their own fleet. During this time, they focused on producing a highly serviceable spotter truck that was both safe and comfortable for operators. Additionally, they included innovative features, like an electric boom hoist and vibration cancelling technology, to ensure that your product gets delivered safely and efficiently.

It is the company's mandate to commit to innovation and to produce the very best equipment for not only their own use, but for their valued customers as well. This dedication causes them to continually consult with operators, create new designs, and manufacture industry leading terminal tractors.

Take the Easy Maintenance Tour or the Operator Comfort Walk Around Tour and get to know the features and benefits that come from owning and operating a TICO terminal Tractor. With DOT and non-DOT options, Leavitt Machinery can provide you with the yard spotter truck you need, whether you work on the parts, at a farm, or in a yard.

If you are interested in purchasing a TICO terminal tractor, Leavitt Machinery sells and supports TICO Pro-Spotter trucks. Contact us for more information.