New Heaters, Light Towers, and Generators

If you’re working in remote, cold, or dark locations, it can be difficult to keep everything running smoothly. That’s why we offer a full selection of new generators, heaters, and light towers. This ensures that you’re able to operate long after the sun goes down or in locations without access to power outlets. As a result, you’ll see increased productivity and safety by optimizing shift length and reducing the risk of incidents.

Whether you’re working in mining, forestry, construction, or oil and gas, Leavitt Machinery can help. Our new light towers, heaters, and generators are built to endure long hours and harsh environments. They also offer simple, reliable operation and easy maintenance. This ensures that you’re able to set them in place and rely on them throughout the shift. Contact our team at Leavitt Machinery today for more information on our heat, light, and power equipment!

Why Choose our Heat/Light/Power Equipment?

When it comes to power equipment, you want to be able to set it and forget it to focus on the task at hand. That’s why every new light tower, generator, and heater in our inventory is built for ease of use and reliability. This ensures that each unit will deliver the performance you need, every time you need it. Most units are also easy to transport , reducing time spent on set up and take down.

For outdoor applications, you need to be on the job regardless of weather conditions. If you’re faced with extreme cold, heavy rain, or lack of light, our power equipment is here to help. Every new light tower, generator, and heater is built with durability and long shifts in mind. Most units are waterproof and well-insulated, keeping vital components safe even during harsh weather.

With our wide selection of new generators, light towers, and heaters, we can provide complete solutions for all needs. Whether you’re on a remote mining site or a rainy forestry operation, we’re here to help. We can provide new generators, heaters, and light towers with the perfect wattage, BTU, and lumens for your needs. Our industry experts are here to help you find the perfect fit for your operation. Contact our team today for an assessment!