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As a leading manufacturer of heating, lighting and power generating products, the Wacker Neuson group is the partner of choice for customers in a wide range of applications. Tracing it's roots back to 1848, Wacker Neuson has been providing quality equipment and parts to construction, agricultural, industrial and municipal customers across the globe for over a century.

Portable Wacker GeneratorPortable Premium Generators

When you need a Wacker generator that can move with you, these models are the  lightweight and versatile option that are ideal for smaller jobs. With durable frames and compact sizes, these generators offer the same high performance power with a tool starting ability and voltage regulation that is unmatched. 

Portable Inverter Wacker GeneratorPortable Inverter Generators

When you need a bit more juice than a portable Wacker Generator can handle, look to the portable inverter generators. Suitable for residential or recreational applications, these generators are rugged and powerful enough to meet the demands of construction and commercial needs.

Inverter technology adjusts the speed of the engine to meet the variable needs of the connected equipment. Reducing the operating costs and extending the time between refueling with these generators.

Mobile Wacker GeneratorMobile Generators

For jobs that require a dedicated and durable power source, mobile generators from Wacker are the solution. Available in both single and three-phase power, mobile generators provide commercial, construction or industrial applications with the reliability and flexibility they need to run everything from lighting to cranes.

Available with simple one switch starts for ease of use and heavy duty dual axle trailers, these Wacker generators can go anywhere you need them to. Ask about the standard environmentally friendly features like the 115% fluid containment, crankcase oil vapor recovery system and no mess oil and radiator drain hoses.

Buy Hydronic Wacker HeaterHydronic Surface Heaters

Wacker Neuson's line of hydronic surface heater product line is designed to quickly and economically thaw frozen ground, cure concrete, prevent frost and provide temporary heating during cold weather conditions.

Available with hydraulic hose systems from 1,100 ft to 5,000 ft these units are easy enough for a single person to set up and allows for greater flexibility in all applications. Wacker's hydronic surface heaters can cure or thaw up to 30,000 sq. ft. depending on the model you choose.

Pureheat Wacker HeaterHydronic Air Heaters

Wacker's Pureheat hydronic air heater provides temporary heat to buildings and large structures while removing excess moisture from the workspace. These heaters save up to 50% of the fuel over more traditional heating equipment. With no open flame these Wacker heaters provide added safety and are more dependable in high wind conditions.

Three models of Pureheat hydronic air heaters are available, for more information on these powerful liquid-to-air heat exchangers speak to a Leavitt New Equipment Representative today.

Indirect Fired Air Wacker HeaterIndirect Fired Air Heaters

Wacker's portable indirect fired air heaters are known for producing clean, dry healthy heat without the dangers associated with an open flame, combustion carbons or water.

Suitable for a variety of applications like construction, residential, restoration and more, Indirect fired air heaters are available in standard and heavy duty models, and models designed to run 24/7 in extreme environments.

Direct Fired Wacker HeaterDirect Fired Air Heaters

Direct heat exactly where you need it with an infrared radiant heaters without relying on warming the surrounding air. Perfect for open work-spaces, direct fired radiant heaters emit clean, dry heat from the face of the heater and vent combustion gases upwards and away from the surfaces and personnel you are heating.

CSA approved with a run time of 15 hours, rugged rotomolded plastic fuel tank and pneumatic tires for easy transport, this model is perfect for rental applications. Ask about the active air cooling system that keeps this machine cooler than competitive models.

Oil & Gas Safe Air Wacker HeatersOil and Gas Safe Air Heaters

For oil and gas explorations sites, a safer heating unit is required. Wacker has a line of air heaters with Gas Detection Systems designed for safe heat in potentially volatile environments.

Continually sampling the surrounding air for methane, these Wacker heaters safely disable their heating systems before an explosive level of methane can be reached. A safer and cost effective alternative to flame-less heat, these durable heaters are CSA certified.

Buy Wacker Light BalloonGlare-free Light Balloons

Featuring a compact design, Wacker Neuson's light balloon's provide light where you need it most with maximum flexibility. Best suited for road work, indoor/outdoor illumination of concrete pours, general job site lighting and party rentals, these units are rugged and stable.

Diffused light from these balloons reduce shadows and contrast for bright, clear lighting. While the folding construction and flexible tripod allow for compact storage for transportation and maximum light coverage.

Buy Wacker Light TowerNarrow Body Light Towers

The narrow body Wacker light tower series offers hydraulically operated masts offering a 30ft adjustable towers with 360° rotation. The quietest in it's class, this series of light tower operates with sound levels as low as 67 dB(A) at 23ft.

Lockable, impact resistant plastic doors offer a rust and dent proof casing with a fully equipped and highway ready trailer. While it's large capacity fuel tank offers up to 71 hours of continuous lighting.

Wacker Light Tower For SaleWide Body Light Towers

Wacker's wide body light tower series has all the benefits of the narrow body units, combined with a rugged heavy duty steel frame and wide track width giving added stability on uneven terrain.

These Wacker light tower masts extend in 20 seconds and are easily adjusted with a lockable T-handle, heat shield and light aiming handle. Multiple power outlets for both 120V and 120/240V power gives added convenience with these versatile units.

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