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Established in 1956, Vallée has been an industry-leading Canadian manufacturer of quality forklift attachments for over 60 years. As a company dedicated to constant improvement, their mission is to empower customers by enhancing their productivity and safety with powerful, reliable equipment.

Vallée specializes in providing reliable and durable forklift attachments for applications such as mining, forestry, fabrication, and port applications. These attachments include tire handlers buckets, cable reels, snow pushers, and much more. To date, more than 90% of the products they have put on the market since 1959 are still operational, many with their original owners. Contact us today for more information or to speak with our equipment team about the customized solutions provided by Vallée.

Vallée Forklift Attachments

Vallée offers an innovative line of forklift attachments for various applications. For over 60 years, Vallée has been producing specialized attachments for the manufacturing, processing, mining and heavy handling industries. Whether you’re looking for a tire handler, a bucket, fork carriages, or snow removal attachments, Vallée can adapt and tailor attachments to meet your needs. The following is a list of some of the forklift attachments offered by Vallée. Contact our equipment experts today for a full list of attachments and for assistance finding the perfect product for your needs.

 Snow Pusher Attachment | Vallèe

Snow Pusher Attachments

• Robust and adaptable to individual needs.
• Available widths: 72 in. to 24 ft. (1.82 to 7.31 m).
• Bolt-on side panel wear skates made of 400F steel.
• Bolt-on front corner wear skates made of 400F steel.
• Bolt-on reversible cutting wear blades made of 400F steel.
• Adapted for use with Vallée, Volvo, CAT, and any other types of hooks or pin-on mounting configurations.

 Vallée Cable Reel Attachment

Cable Reeler

• Fitted with an arm that feeds the cable to the reel as it rolls up.
• Adaptable mechanism that adapts the feed to the size of the reel.
• Compatible with reels of all sizes, approved or not.
•Hydraulic engines fitted with safety braking system.

 Mobile Tire Manipulator | Vallèe Forklifts

Tire Handler Attachments

• Excellent quality at an affordable price.
• Made in Canada / Serviced in Canada.
• Handles tires with or without rims and chains.
• Precision controlled tire lifting – proportional valves.
• 4-wheel-drive articulated frame: easier handling, more precision.
• 35,000 lb.-capacity tire handler fitted onto 55,000-lb. capacity lift truck.

Extended Fork Arm Attachment

Extended Fork Arm Attachment

• Widths: 14 to 24 ft. (7.31 to 4.27 m).
• Built for strength and high operator visibility.
• Custom designed to meet client requirements.
• Suited for use with Vallée, Volvo, CAT, or any other brands. of hook configurations. 

 High Dump Bucket Attachment

High Dump Bucket Attachment

• Higher clearance.
• Meets standard SAE J742 for capacity.
• Double hydraulic cylinders with cushioning.
• 400F reversible bolt-on wear blades in 4 sections (1 in. thick).
• Suited for use with Vallée, Volvo, CAT, and many other brands. 

 Handling Arm Attachment | Vallèe

Handling Arm Attachment

• Available in various dimensions and capacities depending on the options selected.
• Suitable for all types of applications and industries including construction, mining, and pulp mills.

Product Availability May Vary Depending On Region