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With more than 30 years of experience in creating high-quality and reliable products, Skyjack has become an industry leader in scissor lifts and other material handling equipment. Skyjack first started with scissor lifts back in 1985 and was the very first manufacturer to introduce the swing-out extendable platform. Over the years the brand value of the company has grown tremendously with successful ventures into new product lines including telehandlers and boom lifts. Skyjack’s reputation for its equipment is above par when it comes to quality, innovation, and simplistic design.

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Choosing the right scissor lift for your job

The numerous available options on the market for scissor lifts ranging in work heights and platform widths can make choosing the right machine for your job daunting. The best way to go about making this decision is to evaluate what your application needs and the job site where you will be using it. To do this evaluation efficiently make sure you are answering all the right questions, such as:

Consider all the areas you will need access to using the scissor lift and the height of those areas. Scissor lift platform height is measured from the ground to the work platform when extended whereas the working height includes the operator height in addition to the platform height.

Ground conditions of the job site are an important factor when determining which scissor lift is fit to do the job. For working on levelled concrete surfaces, electric or slab scissor lifts prove to be the appropriate option whereas rugged and uneven surfaces need rough terrain scissor lifts.

If you’re working in an indoor location and need to transport the scissor lift through one of the entry points, it is important to consider the dimensions of the unit. The distance between the entry point of the location and the exact job site can sometimes be a challenge if it involves doors, elevators, or areas with sensitive flooring. Analyzing the job site and the location before picking out the scissor lift can save you a lot of trouble. Some indoor job sites could demand electric scissor lifts to reduce emissions and non-marking tires to prevent floor damage.

Innovation at its best: 
Skyjack product lines are equipped with cutting-edge technology for each of their equipment types and their purpose. These leading technologies in all products improve the utility and overall performance of the machines significantly. For instance, rough terrain scissor lifts have the SmartTorque, boom lifts have the EasyDrive and telehandlers have the FlexCab and AXLDrive technology to add a bit more zest to their features.

Reliable, Durable and Efficient design: 
Material handling equipment or any tool for getting the job done does not necessarily require all the extra bells and whistles. The main factors are easy operation, efficiency, reliability, and durability. These are the key aspects that determine the ROI on these machines and the overall ownership costs in terms of maintenance, service and repairs. Skyjack scissor lifts offer all the above benefits along with performance, quality and much more.

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