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Multisweep Forklift Sweepers

Keeping your construction site clean and free of debris is not only great for sanitation, but also for reducing the risk of safety incidents. For the most efficient construction site cleaning in the industry, look no further than Multisweep forklift sweepers! With over 25 years of industry experience, Multisweep understands the various requirements for keeping an operation clean. Their line of forklift sweeper attachments deliver an easy to use, effective, and high-value cleaning solution.

Every Multisweep forklift sweeper can be fitted onto a standard forklift. This increases the versatility of your existing equipment, saving you money and optimizing equipment value. Each forklift sweeper can also be outfitted with water systems, side brushes, and power systems to further enhance cleaning. Whether you’re running a small or large operation, Multisweep has a forklift attachment that’s perfect for your needs. Contact Leavitt Machinery today for more information on their forklift sweeper lineup!

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Why Choose Multisweep Forklift Sweepers?

Exceptional Cost Savings
Why buy a dedicated sweeping unit when you can repurpose your existing equipment instead? This question serves as the foundation behind the design of every Multisweep sweeper attachment. By choosing a sweeper attachment, you’re getting exceptional value without sacrificing performance. You’re also maximizing return on investment for your existing equipment by allowing it to serve various functions on your job site.

Solutions for Every Job Site
Whether you’re on a small construction site or a large concrete facility, Multisweep is here to help. With 5 unique forklift sweepers, they offer complete cleaning solutions for operations of any size. Options for independent power and water systems also allow you to further tailor each unit to your specific needs. Browse our selection of Multisweep forklift attachments today!

Forklift Sweepers for Any Operation

With sweepers that offer up to 900L collecting capacities and up to 2.4m of sweeping width, no job is too big for Multisweep! Whether you need compact power or a large capacity, Multisweep forklift sweepers are built to deliver a complete clean. With heavy-duty kingpins, pneumatic or foam-filled tires, and a durable design, you can rely on your Multisweep sweeper attachment for years to come.

Each unit is also highly customizable based on your specific needs. Options include a power pack for operation without a forklift or a side brush for enhanced performance. Each model can also be equipped with a water system, making each sweeper into a scrubber. These options ensure that you’re getting the best possible clean every single time. They also drastically cut down on cleaning time, allowing you to spend more time on other areas of your operation.

Additional Products and Services

Replacement Parts
With thousands of high-demand parts stocked every day, Leavitt Machinery can support every unit in your operation. As an authorized Multisweep dealer, we provide quality OEM parts for the entire Multisweep forklift sweeper lineup. Whether you’re looking for replacement wheels, hoses, or seals, we can help. Our team will work with you to deliver the perfect parts solution even if you don’t have a part number on hand. All we need is your model and serial number to determine the correct parts for your forklift sweeper. This saves you the hassle of tracking part numbers while ensuring you get the perfect solution every time you need it.

In addition to parts expertise, every Multisweep part in our inventory is built to deliver lasting, reliable performance. All parts are also backed by a leading warranty, allowing you to operate with confidence. By purchasing our components in large quantities, we receive a bulk discount that we pass on to you. This allows you to reduce costs without cutting down on quality. We also offer fast next-day shipping for most orders, ensuring that you get the parts you need as soon as possible. Contact our parts team today for a quote on our forklift sweeper parts!

Service and Repairs
It can be difficult to monitor the condition of every unit and attachment in your fleet. That’s why Leavitt Machinery offers comprehensive service and repair solutions for all types of material handling equipment. Our highly-experienced service technicians are factory-trained by all leading manufacturers. This ensures that every in-shop service and on-site emergency repair is completed to the highest standards. All repairs and PM procedures are completed with quality parts, maximizing the performance of your equipment.

In addition to scheduled in-shop service and on-site mobile repairs, we provide several maintenance programs that can be tailored to your specific requirements. By opting in to one of our maintenance programs, our team tracks and performs maintenance for your equipment. Depending on the program chosen, we also perform major repairs as needed. This allows you to focus on your daily operating tasks without worrying about the condition of your equipment. If you want to maximize the usable life of your equipment, our maintenance programs are the perfect solution.

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