Jungheinrich EMC101/B10 Stacker

Jungheinrich Electric StackerNow only $5995.00 for a limited time

This electric walkie stacker is designed with productivity, efficiency, ease of use and operator security in mind. Best suited for use in short lift height applications, these machines are perfect for lifting raw materials to feeder machines and stacking palletized loads onto first-level racking. They can also be used as ergonomic aides, raising goods or materials to comfortable heights for off-loading by workers.

Jungheinrich Electric Walkie Stacker Take Advantage of

• Efficient 3-phase AC Drive Motor
• Compact and ​Maneuverable ​Design
• Ergonomic, ​Multi-​Function ​Control ​Handle
• Maintenance Free Battery Pack and Integrated Charger
• Optional Proportional Lowering for Exact Pallet Placement

Download the EMC110/B10 Spec Sheet