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Hoist Lift Trucks For Sale
With capacities ranging from 15,000 lbs to more than 115,000 lbs, Hoist Lifttruck Mfg. Inc. has more than 100 years of proven reliability and quality engineering for their heavy-duty lift trucks. Preferred for it's quality performance, serviceability and operator comfort, these low maintenance and easy operation forklifts are offered with the fastest lead times in the industry. Contact us today for more information on this all American machine.  

Titan Series 

Compact and highly maneuverable, the Titan Series cushion tire lift truck come in capacities ranging from 18,000 - 22,000 lbs. Ideal for paper, steel, beverage and automotive industries where efficiency and productivity are most important these all American machines give you the best value for your money. Featuring advanced ergonomics, low profile counterweight and easy access panels and hoods, these forklifts are designed to provide maximum comfort and maximum control. 

FKS Series

One of the most popular Hoist lines, the FKS Series is a heavy duty cushion tired forklift with the capability of lifting loads up to 100,000 lbs. A compact design allows you to maneuver in tight areas and this extremely durable machine can be used in many applications such as paper, forging, steel, die/mold and canning. Ask about the variety of cab options available, including tilt, air-ride and enclosed cab. 

Lazer Series

Looking for an electric powered, cushion tired forklift with capacities ranging from 15,000 lbs and up? Look no further than the Lazer Series Hoist Lift Truck.  Built with the same ergonomics, solid design and maneuverability, the Lazer Series provides an alternative to diesel or LP gas engines for heavy duty forklifts.

P-Series RoRo

Designed to operate in the tight confines of a cargo ship or other space restrictive environments, the P-Series RoRo (Roll on - Roll off) has a low overall height allowing the operator to handle heavy cargo safely and easily on and inside a ship. Removable counterweights give you multiple capacity options as well as allowing the forklift and counterweights easily lifted onto a ship and reattached quickly.


Designed to stand up to demanding industries such as steel, concrete and port/intermodal, the P-Series lift trucks have solid chassis, AxleTech planetary drive axles and robust steer axles, making this one of the most durable pneumatic forklifts in the industry. Ask how the low profile counterweight allows for increased visibility and unmatched maneuverability. 

ECH Series (Empty Container Handler)

Since 1918, Hoist has been manufacturing heavy duty materials handling equipment, in the past eight years they have been redeveloping the container handling equipment and are now ready to reestablish their presence in the market. Based on the popular P-Series, the ECH Series is designed to quickly and safely stack/un-stack empty ISO containers. The fastest and most stable empty container handler on the market, the ECH Series has the fastest lifting speed 125ft/38m per minute, the largest width over the drive tires 175 in/4,445 mm, the largest wheel base 180 in/4,572mm and the largest reserve at 190%. 

LCH Series (Loaded Container Handlers) 

Based on the same durable design as the popular P-Series, the LCH Series comes with options to single-stack or stack up to six high. Hoist Loaded container handlers allow your company to handle container goods quickly, efficiently and safely. 

Reach Stackers

Designed with all the features you know and love in the P-Series, Hoist reach stackers are designed to make easy lifting of empty and loaded container handlers or large industrial components. Complete with an extending boom, you will be able to pick up large heavy objects or containers even if their direct path is blocked.  

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