Cushman Utility Vehicles

Cushman Utility Vehicles

Known around the world for their versatility, durability and dependability Cushman offers the broadest line of heavy duty industrial materials handling and personal transport vehicles on the market today. As a multi-industry company, Cushman utilizes its global network of aircraft, defense, and industrial businesses to provide innovative solutions and services. They continue to build their reputation by delivering quality, heavy-duty industrial material carriers and comfortable personnel transport vehicles.

Minute Miser Utility VehicleMinute Miser

Save time and increase productivity with the Minute Miser burden carrier. Complete with a cargo deck and fold down second seat you can quickly move small loads or a passenger from point a to point b with a max speed of 10 mph.

Stock Chaser Burden CarrierStock Chaser

A large cargo deck on the Stock Chasers slim design makes it the perfect choice for transporting inventory, parts or tools through cramped aisles in warehouses, distribution centers or manufacturing facilities.  With an optional 4 or 6 step ladder to quickly access stocking areas this versatile machine is effective for high stocking areas.

Titan HD Burden CarriersTitan HD

For big jobs needing increased cargo and towing capacities the Titan HD offers 21.6 sqft, 3,000 lb capacity cargo bed and a 4,600 lb towing capacity. Available with both 36 and 48 volt powertrains and 2 passenger models the Titan HD never backs away from big jobs.

Titan LD Utility VehicleTitan LD

The introductory model of the Titan line, this burden carrier delivers the basics you need to get the job done. A 36 volt DC powered, 21.6 sqft and 1,750lb cargo capacity vehicle with 2 passenger seating and a 2,500 lb towing capacity.

Titan XD Burden CarriersTitan XD

Unmatched in power and overall performance, the Titan XD offers 2 or 4 passenger models. With a 21.6 sqft, 3,000 lbs capacity cargo bed and a 5,000 lbs towing capacity the Titan XD can literally carry a ton.

Cushman Utility Vehicles Tug

For those looking for a utility vehicle capable of regularly transport heavy materials or industrial equipment the Tug is the unit for you. Available in 5,000 lbs and 8,000 lbs towing capacities along with 4.9 sq-ft cargo deck this tugger can be fully customized to meet the most unique challenges. 

Scissor Lift Utility VehicleTitan Scissor Lift

From light cleanup to heavy lifting the Titan Scissor Lift offers a 17 ft reach and can be deployed in under a minute. Ideal for facilities with high storage and soaring ceilings, lights or rafters. Complete with a max speed of 13 mph and a 3,250 lbs towing capacity this scissor lift utility vehicle offers 750 lbs lift capacity. 


Hauler | Cushman Utility VehicleHauler

This multi-purpose utility vehicle is available in both gas and electric models. Ideal for moving equipment and materials around construction or jobsites, these fully loaded vehicles have 800 - 1,200 lbs capacities. Ask us about the optional limited slip differential for improved traction and maneuverability.

Hauler X | Cushman Utility VehicleHauler X

When you need a rugged utility vehicle, the Hauler X offers a heavy duty, roto-molded cargo bed and a higher ground clearance than the Hauler. Also available in gas or electric drivetrain models, the Cushman Hauler X utility vehicle gives you the versatility you need without compromising functional comfort.


Hauler Pro Cushman Utility VehicleHauler Pro

Built with advanced AC power, this 72-volt electric drivetrain Cushman utility vehicle is 25% more efficient than its DC counterparts. An extended 50 mile range, a 1,000 lbs load capacity, and a 9.5 cu-ft cargo bed makes this a great choice for companies looking to go the extra mile while reducing their carbon foot print.

1600XD | Cushman Utility Vehicle1600XD

When you need a machine as tough and hard working as you, the Cushman 1600XD is the vehicle for you. Built to handle any job, indoors or outdoors, this model comes complete with a powerful 22hp diesel engine, user-selectable 4WD and optional hydraulic bed dump kit.

1600XD4 Cushman Utility Vehicle1600XD4

For large crews the 1600XD4 offers the same power and muscle as the 1600XD, with the added bonus of bench seats for 4 people. A 3-cylinder, 22 hp diesel engine and user-selectable 4WD enables this vehicle to go wherever you need it to, when you need it to.

Haulster Cushman Utility VehiclesHaulster

Versatile and brawny, the Haulster utility vehicle is available with either 26 hp gas or diesel engines. Complete with automatic or manual transmissions, 23.7 sq-ft cargo deck and a 2,400 lbs load capacity. Ask us about additional options to increase versatility and meet the unique needs of your jobsite.

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