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Blue Giant

Founded in 1963, Blue Giant has been a leading provider of material handling and warehousing equipment for over 50 years. Their ability to identify market trends and recognize development opportunities has placed them at the forefront of product innovation. Every Blue Giant pallet jack and Blue Giant stacker is built to deliver reliable performance all day, every day. Each unit is also outfitted with leading safety and performance features that enhance productivity and maximize safety. This makes Blue Giant walkie stackers and pallet trucks an ideal choice for warehousing, production, and food preparation industries.

Leavitt Machinery is a proud provider of Blue Giant pallet jacks, Blue Giant forklifts, and Blue Giant stackers. Whether you’re working in warehousing, industrial manufacturing, or logistics, we can provide the perfect Blue Giant solutions. Our team will work with you to provide the perfect equipment for your site requirements, project timeline, and budget. As a result, you’re getting a solution designed to optimize productivity, safety, and value.

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A Blue Giant lift table being used at an industrial site

Choosing the Correct Blue Giant Solution

When viewing the Blue Giant pallet jack and Blue Giant stacker lineup, it can be difficult to know which unit to choose. That’s why our team will work with you and ask several in-depth questions to determine the optimal Blue Giant solution. These questions include the following:

  • What materials do you handle and how heavy are they?
  • What heights do you need to lift materials/pallets to?
  • How long will you be using each unit every day?
  • Are you dealing with narrow aisles or tight corners?
  • Are there any other site challenges you regularly experience?
  • What is your equipment budget and project timeline?

By answering these questions, our team will have a better understanding of your site requirements and challenges. As a result, we’ll provide a tailored solution that optimizes productivity and safety while staying on budget.

Benefits of Our Blue Giant Solutions

Leading Innovation
Blue Giant has been at the forefront of innovation for over 50 years. Their dedication to productivity, operator safety, and efficiency has resulted in the production of high-performance products. Every Blue Giant pallet jack and Blue Giant stacker is equipped with a variety of safety and performance features. These include emergency stop functions, control reversal, fast travel/lift speeds, enhanced stability, and longer run times. When you choose a Blue Giant solution, you’re choosing leading innovation and reliability that can meet the demands of any industry.

Trusted Reliability
When it comes to fast-paced warehouses and production facilities, you need equipment you can count on. That’s why every Blue Giant stacker and pallet jack is designed to deliver reliable, consistent performance throughout the day. Each product also greatly reduces strain on operators while keeping surrounding personnel safe. This ensures that your operation remains productive and safe even during peak season. Discover the safety and reliability of Blue Giant equipment today! Contact our team to learn more about their products.

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