National Farm Safety Week 2016

Farming is an integral part of Canadian life. However, farming remains one of the most hazardous occupations. Accidental death and injury bring devastating loss and suffering to rural families and their communities. Join us March 14th -20th in raising awareness for farm safety, we will be featuring a number of blog posts on ways you can keep your workers and family safe, as well as highlighting ways that we can help you to make your farm a safer, more productive work environment.

Personal Protective EquipmentYour Equipment, Your Life: PPE

Mar 14, 2016

Farming is a way of life for many Canadian families, it can be rewarding and an invaluable industry, however it can also be dangerous. Each year there are at least 1,500 farm related incidents that result in hospitalization and over 100 fatalities. Most of these are caused by the unsafe use of equipment or unsafe materials handling practices. Personal Protective Equipment can help...Read the Full Story

Keeping Kids Safe on the Farm Keeping Kids Safe On the Farm

Mar 15, 2016

Farming is one of the few work environments where children are often exposed to equipment, livestock, and sometimes toxic chemicals. The potential risk means that it is critical that children are taught about the dangers around them and shown how to avoid putting themselves at risk. How can you make sure that children on your farm are safe?
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Farm Equipment SafetyVehicle and Machinery Farm Safety

Mar 16, 2016

Farm equipment greatly increases the efficiency and productivity of your operation, but it introduces some deadly hazards at the same time. In fact, 70% of agricultural fatalities are machine related whether it is a machine rollover, a run over, or entanglement. Our goal is to help raise awareness and help to prevent accidents by highlighting some very important equipment safety tips. Read the Full Story

New Alberta Farm LegislationNew Farm/Ranch Workplace Laws

Mar 17, 2016

Recent legislation implemented January 1, 2016 in Alberta, sees new rules applied to farm and ranch operations. These changes require that Occupational Health and Safety Standards are met to ensure the safety of all paid workers while they are onsite. So who is affected? Why did they implement this change and how can we help you? Read the Full Story