Myth or Fact? 3 Ways Electric Forklifts are Changing the Industry

Electric Forklift MythsAccording to a 2010 study put out by Economics for Equity and Environment, for every 10,000 hours of use internal combustion engine forklifts emit 12,000 more pounds of carbon emissions than electric forklift options. As the cost of fossil fuels and carbon taxes rise, forklift manufacturers are aggressively looking for ways to reduce emissions while customers continue to work to reduce their carbon foot print.

Traditionally electric forklifts are thought of as low capacity, indoor materials handling solutions, designed for warehouses and narrow aisle applications. As we start introducing high capacity electric options to our customers, we find ourselves debunking a lot of common myths about electric forklifts.  Read the Full Story...

Looking for a high capacity electric forklift?

F70 - F90 Carer Electric Forklift
50B9 Hyundai Electric Forklift
Cat EPC11000 Electric Forklift