Equipment Dealer in Sparwood, BC

When looking for Material Handling equipment locally in Sparwood and surrounding areas, look no further than Leavitt Machinery. Located at 641 Douglas Fir Rd, Sparwood, BC V0B 2G0, Leavitt Machinery is your one stop shop for forklifts, boomlifts and all things material handling in Sparwood, BC. As one of the largest and fastest growing forklift dealers in the Pacific Northwest, we pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of equipment options and services for every application. Since 2001 we have grown from 14 locations to over 35 and counting! All our locations offer the same great service, values, and intimate knowledge of all things material handling.

Forklifts in Sparwood

With dedicated forklift sales reps located at our Sparwood branch, we can offer our customers a local, unbiased perspective on the right equipment solution for their application.

New Forklifts

As the authorized dealer in Sparwood for Hyundai, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Mantiou, BYD and Carer forklifts, Leavitt prides itself on being able to provide the right solution to our customers, based solely on their requirements, without any brand biases. Our new forklifts range in capacity from 3,000 lbs all the way up to 35,000 lbs!

Used Forklifts

Whether you are looking for a used 5,000 lb electric forklift or a 20,000 lb rough terrain forklift, we have the inventory in Sparwood to quote, and deliver quickly. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can do the rest.

Forklift Rentals

If your company has seasonal peaks or temporary requirements, a forklift rental would be the best option for you. Our fleet of forklifts for rent in Sparwood are late model machines that are ready to work. Our rentals can be coordinated to be on site in a matter of hours.

Forklift Parts & Forklift Service

When it comes to forklifts, downtime is not an option. We understand that your downtime means lost revenue. That’s why we stock hundreds of fast moving parts in our Sparwood branch! Our parts sales professionals are ready to help you get back up and running quickly.

Forklift Training

Forklifts can be dangerous, that is why it is of the utmost importance to ensure that your operators are trained properly. Local training from our Sparwood branch will minimize the travel time required for your employees to get their forklift certification.

Telehandlers in Sparwood

When you are looking for Telehandlers in Sparwood, look no further than the experts at Leavitt Machinery. Our sales representatives are specially trained in telehandler sales to ensure you are getting the right machine for your job.

New Telehandlers

Leavitt Machinery in Sparwood is the authorized dealer for world class telehandler manufacturers such as JLG, Genie, Skytrak, and Mantiou. We know you have options when it comes to purchasing new telehandlers, that is why we rely heavily on our customer satisfaction ratings and continue to provide support well after the initial sale.

Used Telehandlers

If your budget does not support purchasing new, we have several used telehandlers available for sale at our Sparwood branch. With our local dedicated used equipment specialists on site, we’ll help you get the best option at the best price possible.

Telehandler Rentals

Depending on your sites requirements, renting a telehandler might be a better option for you. If you are using the machine for a short time frame, putting up the capital to purchase would probably not make sense for your business. Choose from one of the many telehandler rental options available at our Sparwood branch.

Telehandler Parts & Telehandler Service

One of the biggest headaches with owning a telehandler is when it goes down. You depend on your equipment to function when you need it to, that’s why we offer replacement parts and telehandler service from our Sparwood branch. Can’t make it to us? Our mobile technicians can come to your site to perform maintenance and emergency repairs.

Telehandler Training

Telehandlers are powerful machines, and when it comes to operating them, you need to ensure that your employees are trained professionally. For over 20 years, Leavitt Training has been providing Telehandler certification, and you can now book in-class training at our Sparwood branch, or our trainers can come to your site to train a group of employees at any time.

Boomlifts in Sparwood

An aerial work platform, also known as an elevating work platform or a manlift, is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, often at a height. There are several types of boomlifts, articulating boom lifts allow you to go up and over or around objects to reach your destination, while straight boomlifts will work for direct access where there are no obstacles.

New Boomlifts

We are proud to offer world class manlift brands such as JLG & Genie in our Sparwood branch. Each site has a unique set of requirements and obstacles. If you are operating the equipment indoors, it is advisable to go with an electric boomlift that will not give off any emissions and is safe to use indoors for long periods of time. When your operating in mud, snow, or gravel, you might want to go with a rough terrain boomlift. Our manlifts can reach up to 120’.

Used Boomlifts

A boomlifts “age” is based on the amount of operating hours on the machine, similar to how a cars age would relate to the amount of miles. Used boomlifts are a great option for customers with steady but low utilization. Depending on the “age” of the machine, a used manlift could save you 30-50% over new. Call today to find a used boomlift for your job in Sparwood.

Boomlift Rentals

Purchasing a boomlift can be a big expense, quite often, companies do not have the capital and or utilization requirement for a purchase to make sense. That is why we have a large selection of boomlifts for rent in our Sparwood branch. We take the headache out of renting by taking care of the freight arrangement and all other requirements to ensure you can focus on your core job.

Boomlift Parts & Boomlift Service

Parts are the backbone of all boomlifts, without access to replacement parts, your boomlift is virtually dead in the water. Our Sparwood branch has boomlift parts in stock and ready to ship out today so you can get back up and running. If you are not mechanically inclined, our professionally trained service technicians can come to you anywhere in the Sparwood area with a fully loaded van of boomlift parts to get you working quickly.

Boomlift Training

Operating at heights can be dangerous. Whether your employees are 30’ or 120’ up, it is up to you to ensure they are properly trained to operate a boomlift. We offer boomlift training from our Sparwood branch to help facilitate the safe operation of your equipment.

Scissor Lifts in Sparwood

Looking for a scissor lift in Sparwood? Scissor lifts are vertical lifts with an operator platform that is surrounded by safety rails. They are used to access difficult high reach areas. Depending on the environment you will be operating in, scissor lifts are available in both electric and gas-powered options. Scissor lifts are versatile machines that essentially replace a ladder with a safer option.

New Scissor Lifts

For all your scissor lift needs in Sparwood, Leavitt Machinery is your local authorized dealer for JLG and Genie elevated work platforms. Whether you’re working indoors doing maintenance, changing light bulbs on high to reach places, or working outdoors on uneven terrain, our team will assess your needs and provide you the right scissor lift for your application.

Used Scissor Lifts

Substantial savings can be had when you purchase a used scissor lift vs a new one. An important factor in this decision is how often you are going to be using your scissor lift. If you are typically requiring just a few hours a week, you would be best suited with a used scissor lift. With inventory locally in Sparwood, call our professional sales reps to help you determine which option is best for you.

Scissor Lift Rentals

Aerial lifts are often used for maintenance around the warehouse. In the likely event that you will be using your lift for a couple days or weeks at a time, renting is for you. While rental rates are a bit higher than the amortized purchase price, you do not have the hassle of dealing with costly downtime or repairs if your machine goes down.

Scissor Lift Parts & Scissor Lift Service

In the event that you own your scissor lift, repairs can be time consuming and costly when the scissor lift parts are not available locally in Sparwood. That’s why our scissor lift parts inventory consists of common replacement parts to get you back up and running quickly. If your machine has gone down and you need emergency service, our mobile technicians are just a call away!

Scissor Lift Training

Anyone who operates an aerial lift or aerial work platform is required to have the proper training to ensure the safe operation of the machine. The training provides operators with important information such as wind speeds and direction that could make the operation dangerous. We have certified scissor lift training instructors at our Sparwood branch teaching regular in house courses for scissor lift certification.

Yard Spotters in Sparwood

If you are looking for an efficient way of moving trailers, yard spotters are the answer. Specifically designed for quick and easy movements, Yard Spotters are designed with an elevating 5th wheel and a sliding rear door allowing the driver to connect all hookups without leaving the tractor. Data suggest that using a terminal tractor will increase your productivity by up to 300%

New Yard Spotters

Tico terminal tractors are built by operators for operators. They found a need in the market for a more efficient way of moving trailers and built it! As the authorized dealer for new Tico yard spotters in Sparwood, we have dedicated sales reps to help you analyze your current process and determine if a new yard spotter can help your business be more efficient.

Used Yard Spotters

If you are looking for a used yard spotter, but maybe have never purchased one, the first thing you will want to do is ensure you are dealing with a reputable dealer. Yard spotters are fairly new to the industry, so having the right dealer to work with will make sure you get the right truck. To work with our yard spotter sales professional in Sparwood, give us a call today!

Yard Spotter Rentals

During your busy seasons you might need to supplement your fleet to ensure on time delivery for your customers, or you might just need some extra horse power to get you through the Christmas rush. Either way, our fleet of yard spotter rentals is one of the newest and most reliable in the industry. With rental inventory on the ground at our Sparwood branch, we can get a truck delivered to you quickly!

Yard Spotter Parts & Service

You rely on your jockey truck to keep your inventory moving in Sparwood, that is why downtime is not an option! With common parts in-stock for Kalmar, Capacity, Ottawa and Tico yard spotters, we can help you get up and running. If we don’t have your parts in stock, we can source them for next day delivery straight to your door. If service for your terminal tractor is what you need, our in shop of mobile technicians are trained to diagnose and fix emergency breakdown issues, or just provide a preventative maintenance service on your truck, just let us know what you need!

Skid Steers in Sparwood

Skid steers are often used in a construction or landscape environment. With a small light weight, compact design, these versatile machines are used primarily for digging. Skid steers typically come with a bucket attachment, but have a variety of attachment options available, depending on your needs. For specialty applications you can get bale spears, brooms, snow plows or augers, there are quite a few attachments to choose from.

New Skid Steers

As the authorized dealer for Manitou Skid Steers in Sparwood, Leavitt can support your needs not only with the initial sale, but we also provide after sales support on all the skid steer loaders we sell. As a leader in agriculture and construction machines, manitou has developed an industry leading skid steer that is available as a skid steer loader or track loader. Manitou track loaders are designed to operate on all types of soil, including rough, muddy, sandy and uneven terrain. Whether you want to excavate land, move sand or gravel, lift loads, transport materials or perform several maintenance tasks on, these track loaders offer improved excavation and grading performance.

Used Skid Steers

Featuring a diverse inventory of used skid steers for sale in Sparwood, we can offer you brands such as Caterpillar, Bobcat, John Deere or Maintou. All our used skid steer inventory is inspected and ready to work. Buying used is often much cheaper than purchasing a new unit, but you want to be sure you are purchasing from a reputable dealer. Give our used skid steer specialists a call today to find out if we have the right machine for you.

Skid Steer Rentals

If you are in need of a skid steer to do some heavy lifting for you in Sparwood, but only require it for a set period of time, renting a skid steer might be the best option for you. With a rental, you don’t have to worry about a large capital expenditure or maintenance and repairs on the machine. Renting gives you the flexibility to get your job done and then simply return the machine.

Skid Steer Parts & Service

Looking for replacement parts for your skid steer? Leavitt machinery stocks fast moving parts for all types of skid steers, right here in Sparwood. If you require a less common part that might not be in stock, we can source it for you and get it to you next day in most cases. If repairing skid steers is not your business, we can send one of our technicians out to make sure your skid steer is fully operational!

Skid Steer Training

Leavitt Machinery provides skid steer certification and training from our Sparwood location. Our classes are held bi-monthly and consist of classroom-based learning, operational theory, written testing, and hands-on experience. Specific to the operation of skid steers, operators must be trained in operation fundamentals, hazard identification and safe load handling procedures. Our in-class training in Sparwood offers operators with a solid foundation in safety standards, maintenance procedures and operating best practices.

Container Handlers and Reach Stackers in Sparwood

If you are in the shipping & distribution, transportation or intermodal industry, you probably already know that a container handler is specifically designed to move heavy containers or stack and store empty containers. But did you know that reach stackers can do both? Depending on your application, you might be able to handle all your containers with just one unit. The main difference between a container handler and a reach stacker is that container handlers are only able to handle one row at a time as they are only able to lift vertically, whereas, a reach stacker can stack containers two or three rows deep. Give us a call for all your container handler and reach stacker needs in Sparwood!

Used Container Handlers

As one of the leading suppliers for used container handlers and reach stackers in North America, Leavitt Machinery has the expertise to get you a great machine at a great price. Our reach stacker experts can help evaluate your operation and recommend the best value. If you require high utilization, you might be looking for a low hour, late model used container handler. If you only operate the reach stacker periodically, a higher hour, older machine might be more in line with your budget. Whatever it is you need, let us help find the right fit for your operation and budget.

Container Handler Rentals

Often companies are faced with budget limitations that do not allow them to purchase capital assets. However, these assets are what move their business. At Leavitt Machinery, we provide unique solutions for material handling equipment. Our long term rental or lease options allow you to expense your container handler rental as an operating expense, ensuring you have the equipment you need to get the job done. Ask one of our reach stacker rental experts in Sparwood about your options today!

Container Handler Parts & Container Handler Service

Container handlers are often an integral part of your business. When your machine goes down, so does a part your operation. Leavitt Machinery offers emergency repair and planned maintenance programs to help increase your uptime. Our mobile technicians are fully equipped with the diagnostic equipment and training to get your container handler moving again. If you are able to fix your own machine, our parts department has access to all makes and models of container handler parts and can be shipped next day to Sparwood, BC.

Heaters in Sparwood

If you are working in cold locations, it can be difficult to keep your site running smoothly. Heaters can be a great way to remove moisture from indoors, thaw frozen ground or cure concrete. Leavitt Machinery offers a wide range of heaters from several manufacturers. Our product mix includes Hydronic Surface Heaters, Hydronic Air Heaters, Indirect Fired Air Heaters and Direct Fired Air Heaters.

New Heaters

With several manufacturers to choose from, we can provide the right heater for your application. If you are working in frozen conditions, a Wacker Neuson hydronic surface heater will allow you to extend your working season by quickly and economically thawing frozen ground, curing concrete, or just preventing frost from forming. Hydronic air heaters are great for working in an enclosed workspace, removing the moisture, and providing a comfortable working temperature. With no open flame, these heaters provide a safe working environment.

Used Heaters

When purchasing new is not an option, Leavitt has you covered with used heater options right here in Sparwood. With direct and indirect options, you can choose the right heater for your application, at the right price.

Heater Rentals

Heaters are primarily used during the colder seasons. If your requirement is temporary, you may want to opt for renting a heater over purchasing. With compact tow behind options, getting a hydronic heater to your job site is quick and easy. Renting gives you the flexibility to use the heater when you need it and return it when you are done.

Heater Parts & Heater Service

If you are looking for Wacker Neuson, Magnum or Airman parts for your heaters, Leavitt Machinery is the authorized dealer in Sparwood. With access to manufacturer sku’s and parts look ups, we can get you the right part for your machine quickly. If your heater is not working, our mobile technicians can come to your site to get your heater working again.

Industrial Air Compressors in Sparwood

The type of air compressor you require will be determined by where you need to operate. If you have access to power, an electric mobile compressor might work best for you. Electric air compressors emit no emissions, making them the optimal choice for indoor areas and the environment. If power is not available at your site, a diesel mobile air compressor would be the option for you. Towable small and medium size air compressors have the flexibility to go wherever you go. Easily transportable with a trailer hitch, these compressors will provide you compressed air to run your equipment anywhere you need it.

New Industrial Air Compressors

As the authorized dealer for Magnum, Airman and Atlas Copco compressors in Sparwood, Leavitt has the flexibility and expertise to ensure you get the right compressor for your application. Whether you are looking for an electric compressor that can be towed from job to job, or a larger diesel compressor that will be stationary, our compressor representatives have the experience and product range to fit your needs.

Used Industrial Air Compressors

As a smaller capital expenditure for your site, Air compressors are typically purchased new rather than used, but every once in a while, we have some come into our inventory. Check out our current used compressor fleet to see if we have a machine for you.

Industrial Air Compressor Rentals

When you need to increase your productivity, compressor rentals are the answer. Efficient, dependable and ultra-quite, our fleet of compressor rentals will help reduce your downtime. Our rental fleet offers late model fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly options. Diesel compressor rentals are available in 100 CFM – 400 CFM and are trailer mounted for easy transportation.

Industrial Air Compressor Parts

Get access to hundreds of replacement parts for Airman, Magnum and Atlas Copco compressors in Sparwood. As the authorized distributor, Leavitt has the direct access you need to ensure you are getting the right part every time. Looking to stock recommended spare parts? Give us a call and we can help you determine what parts you will need to keep on hand.

Light Towers in Sparwood

Not all jobs end when the daylight does. Whether you just need a couple extra hours of light, or are working through the night, light towers will help increase your productivity. Whether you are in construction or oil and gas, light towers can provide you up to 7 acres of light to keep your site running safely.

New Light Towers

For all your Atlas Copco and Magnum Light Towers needs in Sparwood, Leavitt Machinery is the authorized dealer that can get you the equipment you need. Light towers are available in various sizes and are easily maneuverable to wherever you need them. If you are in need of a light tower, but not sure what size is right for you, give one of our highly trained sales representatives a call today and they can calculate the best light tower for your application based on your needs.

Used Light Towers

If purchasing new is not for you, we can get you into a late model, lower hour used light tower that meets your requirement and budget. With many options to choose from, lets us help you get back to work with your “new” used light tower!

Light Tower Rentals

If you are in need of a light tower for a short term, likely, renting is for you. Whether you are getting ready for a planned shutdown, or working through the night in emergency response, a light tower rental will meet your temporary requirements. Just call our rental experts and they will walk you through the coverage and brightness required, height restrictions, and type of bulbs. They will also help you determine your power choice and transportation needs.

Light Tower Parts & Light Tower Service

If you are running light towers, you need to ensure that you are stocking commodity replacement parts to avoid downtime. As the authorized Atlas Copco and Magnum light tower dealer in Sparwood, we can get you fast moving or hard to find replacement parts for your light tower.

Diesel Generators in Sparwood

Diesel Generators are a fantastic source of much needed power for job sites or projects that are off the power grid. Mining, Oil & Gas and construction are just a few of the industries that use diesel generators on a regular basis. When the power goes out, production stops. Time is money and you can’t afford to be without power. A Diesel generator is a great option to provide back up power when you need it most.

New Diesel Generators

Altas Copco, Wacker Neuson and Magnum/Generac generators are some of the best known and most reliable industrial generators on the market. Here in Sparwood, Leavitt Machinery is your authorized dealer for all three of these famous brands giving us the diversity to effectively evaluate your business, and get you the right generator, based on your needs, not just the products we sell.

Diesel Generator Rentals

Power when you need it! If you are working on a temporary site that does not have access to power yet, renting an industrial generator might be the fit for you. With the flexibility of towable diesel generators, you can have power to specific areas in a matter of minutes. To determine if renting a generator is cost effective for you, you will need to determine the length of time you need portable power for, our generator rental experts can help you determine this.

Diesel Generator Parts & Diesel Generator Service

If your diesel generator does not sound so great, it might just need a quick tune up. Our parts department stocks and supplies parts for Magnum, Wacker Neuson, Atlas Copco and Generac generators. If your generator needs repair, our factory trained technicians can diagnose and repair your generators quickly.