Corporate Sustainability

At Leavitt we understand the importance of environmental and corporate sustainability. We are committed to continually improving our corporate sustainability practices and continue to reduce our carbon footprint every day.

 We believe that we build for our future through our day to day choices, because of this Leavitt Machinery has created initiatives designed to reduce our impact on the environment and help us achieve a greener way of doing business.

Leavitt Machinery has committed to:

  • Reducing our office waste through recycling programs for cardboard, paper, plastics, and glass.
  • Reducing our warehouse and service waste through recycling programs for waste oil, oil filters, floor dry, containers, antifreeze and pallets.
  • Converting many of our internal procedures to paperless processes.
  • Reducing the number of office supply orders to help reduce the pollution created by delivery trucks.
  • Choosing vendors who share our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Purchasing locally whenever possible to support local businesses and to reduce the pollution created by delivery trucks.

We have succeeded in:

  • Diverting 44% of our waste from the landfills in 2015 through our recycling programs and by reducing the amount of waste we produced overall.
  • Saving 315 trees by converting to paperless processes and through our recycling programs.
  • Maintaining our 72% green compliance when purchasing office supplies, meaning 72% of our office supplies are made with recycled content.
  • Diverting 18,000 gallons of oil from landfills.
  • Reducing our consumption of electricity by 809,839 Kw-Hr.

Our Environmental Commitment to our customers includes:

  • Providing economical and environmentally friendly equipment options.
  • Offering a variety of solutions for each application.