Warehouse Forklifts | Mariotti

An Italian company, founded in 1920, Mariotti has been providing over 40 countries with the most compact electric forklifts on the market. A leader in design and manufacturing, Mariotti is the only company on the market offering more than 20 different models of compact warehouse forklifts to choose from. In their 90 year history, the Mariotti forklift has incorporated state of the art engineering, quality, and simplicity into one cost effective forklift.

These three-wheel warehouse forklifts offer businesses both large and small a compact materials handling solution. Each Mariotti forklift is designed to work in confined spaces and unique working environments where space is a valuable resource. With capacities ranging from 750 lbs to 2,300 lbs, each unit is equipped with features that enable these forklifts to work efficiently in tight places. 

  • AC technology with brush-less motors and fewer parts results in reduced maintenance and cost savings, as well as higher efficiency, resulting in increased battery life.
  • This Marriotti forklift has CAN-bus technology which allows for a digital data exchange and simplifies the electrical system by reducing the number of electrical cables and increasing the in-system reliability.
  • Adjustible wheel base functions enable you to reduce the turning radius by shortening the wheelbase when approaching the load by tilting the mast forward; tilting the mast backward while carrying a load enables you to lengthen the wheelbase, increasing traction and stability.
  • A Quick Change Mast or QCM system separates the mast from the front motors and axles, which allows for quick removal and easier maintenance.
  • Integrated side shift and electronically controlled lift provides precision control of hydraulic functions, reducing power consumption.

The most compact 3 wheeled forklift on the market, the ME AC Mariotti forklift is agile and offers the operator a safe and comfortable work environment. Easily accessible and equipped with an adjustable seat and steering column, each Marriotti forklift allows for ease of entry and additional foot room.

These standard features and additional options make Mariotti warehouse forklifts a versatile solution for your equipment needs:

  • 24V, 375 Ah battery power eliminates harmful emissions, creating a safer, cleaner working environment while achieving an optimum run time for your warehouse forklift
  • AC traction motor eliminates brushes and component wearable parts which reduces maintenance costs on your Mariotti forklift.
  • The AC motor also provides high drive torque and better control when reversing, braking or when operating on ramps and inclines.
  • Hydraulic controlled rack and pinion power steering improves the precision and reliability of these warehouse forklifts and reduces energy usage, increasing battery life.
  • Available options include: cold storage and freezer packages, headlights, taillights, non-marking tires, wide rear view mirror and more.

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